Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Tot Craft Time: Apple Crown

My family and I love to go apple picking in the Fall.  

A few weeks ago the library offered an apple craft project for the kids.

I put off posting this project for a while so that I could post Halloween ones instead.

They had several pre-cut apples in red, green, and yellow available to choose from.
Then we took two brown strips, some markers, and a stapler.

Since my son's favorite color is blue, he wanted some blue apples for his hat.

When your child is finished coloring his/her apples, staple the two brown strips around their head.

Then staple the apples onto it.

Voila!  A cute apple crown.

To make this apple crown more eco-friendly, you can use the back of some scrap paper or food boxes.  Paint them red, yellow, and/or green, and cut them into apple shapes.  Another option is to do some apple prints and then cut those out.  Scrap fabric or scrap card stock would be good for the brown band, or maybe rolled up newspaper that is painted brown.

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