Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuesday Tot Craft Time: Yertle the Turtle

When we were at the smaller library in town, my librarian friend let the kids color these cute little turtles that you can fold and stack on top of one another.  She said that they went along with the Dr. Seuss story Yertle the Turtle.  So we check out that book and read it for bed time that night.  Now we look at these little stacked turtles in a new way.  My son had a great time coloring them and stacking them.


  1. I don't, because it was a craft at my local library. I'm sure that you can find a turtle template on the internet. The turtle's neck has a small cut in it so that it can easily fold up.

  2. My librarian made her own template. It is a flat design that you just bend the different parts.