Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Perry Pattern featured on Crochet Chimp!

On July 24th my Perry the Platypus IPhone cozy pattern was featured on a blog called Crochet Chimp!:
9 FREE Disney Patterns.  Check out this post if you are a Disney lover.  Several of the patterns are in my ravelry queue.  

Thanks Prajina for adding my pattern to your post!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pencil Bookmark / Doll Scarf

For a weekly challenge in the Hogwarts at Ravelry group I made this pencil bookmark.  The challenge was to make a muggle item.  I felt that this was a 2 in one muggle item: a pencil and a bookmark.  Neither one of them seem to have a place in the wizarding world.  Here is the free pattern for it.
Then I thought that it would make a cute back-to-school doll scarf, because I have no need of a bookmark (because I mainly read from my kindle).  Maddie looks pretty happy with it.
Maddie is the daughter of the Mad Hatter, and she is part of the new Ever After High doll series.  This series is from makers of the Monster High dolls, and currently they can be purchased at the Justice stores.

Monday, July 29, 2013

June Doll Show

My Fashionista doll was going to Donald Duck's birthday party (June 9th) on a boat.  What better to wear than a sailor top, just like Donald himself.  So I knitted tis sailor to for her.  With a nice black skirt and some jewelry she is all ready for a party on a yacht.  Here is the free pattern on ravelry.
This mermaid tail pattern was suppose to fit a Barbie, but it was to short.  I could always knit several more rounds in the center to make it longer though.  But it does fit my Monster High doll just right.  
Here is the free pattern for the tail.  For the top I used a size 2 crochet hook.
Make 2:
  • chain 4
  • turn and sc 3, ch 1 and turn
  • sc 2tog, sc 2, ch 1 and turn
  • sc 2tog, sc 1 , ch 1 and turn
  • sc 2tog
  • chain 15 and cut yarn
Chain 15, sc across the bottom of both triangles, ch 15, cut yarn.
Next time I will begin by chaining 15 plus the 4 at the beginning to include the back tie (but make it 5 for a bigger top).
I made another doll afghan using this free pattern.  I used some mosaic yarn that I found on clearance.  I'm actually rather sad that it is on clearance, because I would really like to make a bigger version of it.  I also get to show off my new Deuce Monster High doll in these photos (the male doll).  

"Man" Hats for Charity

Two of the groups I'm in in ravelry have charity challenges right now.  One ends on the 31st and the other ends on September 6th (although I didn't realize that until after I finished my first hat).  Both charities that I wanted to craft for were asking for hats, especially hats for men.  So I went through my stash and found some bulky yarn that would be perfect for hat making.  Next was to find a hat pattern that would work for bulky yarn and for men.  This is the hat pattern that I used to make these hat.
This hat will be going to Warmth for Warriors.  Here is an explanation of the charity on their website:
We are knitting and crocheting homemade hats to comfort our soldiers, both active duty and retired.  We distribute hats all year long to active duty soldiers overseas, to medical units where the sick and wounded are prepared to leave for hospitals in Germany and to VA hospitals back home in the United States.  A warm wool hat, made with love, provides both physical comfort and a "Hug of Thanks".   
They suggest using 100% wool yarn in dark colors, so I used Lion Brand's wool-ease thick & quick black yarn and size 8 needles to make this hat.

This hat is for a cancer hat drive in Maine.  They are excepting all sizes of hats in in many different colors for men, women, and children.  However the person who is holding the drive said that they are in need of more men's hats.  This hat would work for both a man and a woman, and it is very soft.  I used Loops & Threads' charisma yarn and size 10 needles.  I started using the size 8 needles that I used in the fist hat, but it was way to small.  I was afraid while making this hat that it was going to only fit a child, but it stretches and fits my head just fine.  Its is really comfortable to.  I also modified the pattern slightly by only knitting 6 inches instead of 7 inches before the decreases.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Doll House for my Dolls

After watching this video by My Froggy Stuff, I wanted to make my own doll house for dolls.
All of this probably took me about an hour and a half to make.
I used a cereal box, a corrugated cardboard box, and several scrapbook pages to make it.
I also used a glue stick, tacky glue, and super glue to attach everything.
Here is the sofa bed with the removable paper blanket.
Downstairs is a couch and a fireplace.
Here is the fireplace.  The fire is set inside of of it a bit (behind a layer of cardboard).
Some of the dolls' pets came to check out the house.
Here is the tiny bear that I crochet a few months ago.
This was a fun project, and I might make a haunted house version of it.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vacation Crafting

I was on vacation this past week, but I still got a lot of projects finished.
Here is another dishcloth for my brother-in-law.
I don't live near a Hobby lobby, so when I found out that there was one near my mother-in-law's house I knew I had to go.  I had not been to one in 3 or 4 years.  I bought 3 skiens of their store brand cotton yarn called I Love This Cotton!  Each colorway that I got is different.  That same day I made this dishcloth and gave ti to my mom.  

Here is the ravelry link for this pattern.  I actually found the pattern by reading other people's pattern noted for it, so here are mine:
- I cast on 38 stitches.
CO multiples of 4 plus 6 
Knit first and last 5 rows 
knit first and last 3 sts of each row for border 
Row 1: P across 
Row 2: (Slip 2 purlwise with yarn in front, k2) repeat 
Row 3: P across 
Row 4: (k2, slip 2 purlwise with yarn in front) repeat
I used up 2 leftover skeins of yarn and some of a 3rd skein to make this dishcloth.  Here is the free pattern
At the end of May I taught a crochet class where I showed how to crochet in the round and make a V stitch.  I put down this project for a few weeks and picked it back at the end of last month.  I took it, the UFO project below, and a bag full of green cotton yarn (for making dishcloths from) on vacation with me.  I was able to finish this bag within the first 2 days of my vacation.  I can't wait to show it to my student this month.  The bonus is that it will be a Christmas present for a family member.  It was a yarn eater, but it was well worth it.I used one of those large skeins of cotton yarn to make it.  Now that large skein looks slightly larger than a regular skein of cotton yarn.  Here is my pattern for this bag:
Using an H hook and cotton yarn
  • Chain 2
  • 6 sc in 1st ch
  • 2 sc in every stitch = 12 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next stitch, repeat = 18 sts.
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 2 stitches, repeat = 24 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 3 stitches, repeat = 30 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 4 stitches, repeat = 36 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 5 stitches, repeat = 42 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 6 stitches, repeat = 48 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 7 stitches, repeat = 54 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 8 stitches, repeat = 60 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 9 stitches, repeat = 66 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 10 stitches, repeat = 72 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 11 stitches, repeat = 78 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 12 stitches, repeat = 84 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 13 stitches, repeat = 90 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 14 stitches, repeat = 96 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 15 stitches, repeat = 102 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 16 stitches, repeat = 108 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 17 stitches, repeat = 114 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 18 stitches, repeat = 120 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 19 stitches, repeat = 126 sts
  • 2 sc in one st, 1 sc in the next 20 stitches, repeat = 132 sts
  • Then in the first V where the first 2 sc in one st were made in the last round, sc twice into that stitch / V then skip a stitch and repeat.
  • I made 2 rounds of the sc V stitches.
  • Then for the rest of the V stitches I did hdc.
When it is the length that you like: 
- slip stitch in the next stitch, chain 1,and sc in every stitch around. Repeat for about 5 rounds. 
I had 120 stitches around,
  • slip stitch, ch 1, sc in 15 sts, chain 45, skip 30 sts, sc in next 30 sts, ch 45, skip 30 sts, sc in 15 sts, join with a slip stitch.
  • next 4 rounds: ch 1, sc in the same st, sc around, join with a slip stitch.

I started knitting this bag in the Summer of 2010, and I had put it down that same Summer.  I was not sure where I left off in the 16 round repeat, but since the bag was long enough I just worked on the top garter stitch area of it this past week.  I didn't really like the i cord handles in the pattern, so I just garter stitched them back and forth.  I think that wider handles feel better when carrying a lot of things.  I am very happy that I finished this UFO.  There are a few mistakes that I made in 2010, but thats ok.  Maybe one day I'll make another one of these bags.  I'm a more experienced knitter than I was 3 years ago, so I think that I can make it mistake free now.  The pattern came from Creative Knitting magazine, July 2010: To Market, to Market by Maile Mauch.  

Friday, July 12, 2013

M and Rows of Tulips Dishcloths

I made 2 more dishcloths for my brother-in-law.  The first one is an M, which is an initial in his name.  Here is the free pattern for it.  The pattern was apparently designed to represent a sports team.  I don't pay much attention to sports, but I do like the font of this M.  
For this dishcloth I was inspired by the rows of tulips in the Holland section of It's A Small World.  It is for the mini challenge (10 day challenge) in the ravelry Disney Adventures group.  The challenge is to make something inspired by the Disneyland park in California. Disneyland is celebrating its birthday on the 17th of this month.  Here is the free pattern for it.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blended Rainbow Dishcloth

Recently there was a craft swapping party at my church.  I de-stashed some yarn and got a bunch of new (to me) yarn in return.  One skein I got was this rainbow colored cotton yarn.  I had no clue what I was going to do with it, that is until yesterday when I came across this pattern.  I really like how the pattern helps to blend variegated yarn together and create cool patterns.  The only problem I came across was finding the pattern instructions, but thankfully others who had made it had put the pattern in their notes.  So here is the pattern for it:
CO multiples of 4 plus 6 (I cast on 38 stitches)
Knit first and last 5 rows 
knit first and last 3 sts of each row for border 
Row 1: P across 
Row 2: (Slip 2 purlwise with yarn in front, k2) repeat 
Row 3: P across 
Row 4: (k2, slip 2 purlwise with yarn in front) repeat

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Golden Snitch Dishcloth

For the current Quidditch challenge in the ravelry group Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup I made this Harry Potter golden snitch dishcloth.  It will be another dishcloth for my brother-in-law, because his son really likes Harry Potter.  Here is the free pattern for it.  I made this in a single day with less than a skein of yellow cotton yarn.  It is quick and easy.  I found a new way that I like to read patterns like this recently.  I have a sticky note program on my computer, but any program that allows you to paste words in it and edit them will work.  I copy and paste the pattern, just the rows of the pattern, onto the new sticky page.  Than as I complete a row, I delete it.  That way the row at the very top is the row that I follow.  No getting lost or forgetting what row I'm on.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Soaring Rocket Dishcloth

One of this month's challenges in the ravelry Disney Adventures group is to make something inspired by one of the parades or firework shows at the Disney Parks in the U.S.  I scrolled through lots of photos before I found this one.  I focused on the bright pink in it, and then found a fireworks dishcloth pattern.
It came out nicely.  It will be added to my Christmas present bin.  I don't know exactly who will get it, but I do have an idea.  Its nice just to have a bunch of handmade gifts finished by December, and then I go through them all and figure out who gets what.  I do make things for specific people, but somethings like this dishcloth are just for fun. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Crochet Basket Weave Dishcloth

After watching this Crochet Crowd video tutorial I decided to make this crochet basket weave dishcloth.  It was a very easy pattern, and I wouldn't mind making a bigger project using it.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Green Dishcloths - Liberty Bell

I've been a dishcloth making machine this month.  I finished off a skein of green yarn with this dishcloth (the darker green).  Both sides are green, although the lighter one seems to have been washed out in the photo.
I made this Liberty Bell dishcloth as part of a challenge n Disney Adventures (ravelry group).  The challenge was to make some inspired by a monument or national treasure from one of the National Treasure movies.  Here is the free ravelry downloadable pattern.
I also made another tunisian crochet dishcloth with a regular crochet border.  It looks blotchy because I had got it wet to help it lay flat.  Tunisian crochet likes to curl.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tunisian Crochet Dishcloth and Horse Dishcloth

I wanted to make a simple tunisian crochet dishcloth after making the more complicated strawberry patch one.  This one is for my brother-in-law.  I'm going to make him a bunch of green and cream colored dishcloths for Christmas to match his kitchen.  I noticed that the fabric from tunisian crochet curls, so I crochet around the whole thing to help it lay flat. 
In the Disney Adventures ravelry group the Disney Legends challenge this month is Walt Disney.  I learned that Disney was paid by his neighbor to draw his horse.  This helped develop his love of drawing.  So I knitted this horse head dishcloth for that challenge.   Here is the free ravelry downloadable pattern.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Striped Dishcloth

My mother-in-law told me recently that when my brother-in-law was visiting her he used some of the dishcloths that I had made for her, and he loved them.  So for Christmas I am making him a bunch of dishcloths.  My MIL said that his kitchen is dark green and cream.  This isn't dark green, but it will still match.  I used size 7 needles, cream and green cotton yarn, and cast on 30 stitches.  This was the perfect project while I watched all of my Sunday night shows.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tunisian Crochet Strawberry Patch

The other day I was looking at a facebook post from The Crochet Crowd.  They shared a photo of a cool looking dishcloth that looked like a strawberry patch.  The problem was that it was in another language.  I read through some of the comments and discovered that is was made using tunisian crochet, plus someone shared the chart pattern for it.  I did some research and found a website on how to read tunisian crochet charts.  I also watched 2 videos to help me make the bobbles / bumps in it.  It is an easy pattern to follow / make, but it seemed to take me a long time and it was hard on my hands.  I guess thats because I am not use to tunisian crochet.  In fact this is my first completed project using tunisian crochet.  I'm going to keep it and use it as a hot pad.  You can look at the 2 photos that I followed to make it on my ravelry page (this includes the chart).