Monday, July 29, 2013

June Doll Show

My Fashionista doll was going to Donald Duck's birthday party (June 9th) on a boat.  What better to wear than a sailor top, just like Donald himself.  So I knitted tis sailor to for her.  With a nice black skirt and some jewelry she is all ready for a party on a yacht.  Here is the free pattern on ravelry.
This mermaid tail pattern was suppose to fit a Barbie, but it was to short.  I could always knit several more rounds in the center to make it longer though.  But it does fit my Monster High doll just right.  
Here is the free pattern for the tail.  For the top I used a size 2 crochet hook.
Make 2:
  • chain 4
  • turn and sc 3, ch 1 and turn
  • sc 2tog, sc 2, ch 1 and turn
  • sc 2tog, sc 1 , ch 1 and turn
  • sc 2tog
  • chain 15 and cut yarn
Chain 15, sc across the bottom of both triangles, ch 15, cut yarn.
Next time I will begin by chaining 15 plus the 4 at the beginning to include the back tie (but make it 5 for a bigger top).
I made another doll afghan using this free pattern.  I used some mosaic yarn that I found on clearance.  I'm actually rather sad that it is on clearance, because I would really like to make a bigger version of it.  I also get to show off my new Deuce Monster High doll in these photos (the male doll).  

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