Thursday, June 30, 2011

New iPhone Hoodie & Bangles

Last night I cast on another iPhone hoodie, this time with Vanna's Choice yarn.  The stitch markers were a gift from someone on ravelry.  They are made with blue paper beads.
Today I got started on prepping for a bangle class that I'm teaching next week.  First I take a mailing tube and I mark it in one inch increments all the way around.
Then I saw it.
I have 12 of the 25 bangles cut so far.  After that I need to sand them.  Here are the bangles that the girls made in my class last year.
My husband has been having fun doing motion capture and animating his clay creatures.  This is what I found in my refrigerator today.  I should probably hide all of the chocolate, lol.
Here is my fortune from today.  It seemed fitting for how my day has gone.

iPhone Hoodie

Tuesday night I finished knitting my iPhone hoodie.  It is a little big, probably because I used sock yarn instead of worsted weight yarn.  I started a new one last night using Vanna's Choice yarn.  I do like this one though.  It's soft and I love that the headphones can fit in the front pocket.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cars Tags and iPhone Hoodie

I die cut some more tags today, this time out of a Cars themed juice box paper (Juicy Juice).
A picture of my iPhone hoodie before leaving for the park today.
This is a picture of the iPhone hoodie when we were ready to leave the park.  I get more knitting and crocheting done when out of the house or at night (after the kids go to bed) when watching tv with my husband.  Today I learned how to do a 3 needle bind off for the bottom of the hoodie.  One of the sleeves is finished.  I'm expecting to have this finished within the next day or two.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gift Tags & Crayon Swap (Blue)

Yesterday Cindy blogged about making gift tags out of tissue boxes using her die cut machine.  What a great idea, especially since lately I've needed gift tags for various things.  So after going to the grocery store today I had a few empty boxes (from canned drinks - bless my husband for saying that I should buy more canned drinks so that I have a lot of tabs to work with).  My tag die cut template has two tags on it, and here is what I got after cutting 4 boxes.  Some are better than others, but they are all great ways to recycle.
I just love the tags that I got off of a cracker box.
Pepsi tags.
The other day I got a surprise package in the mail, another angel gift from the crayon swap.  This one was all the way from Guatemala.
My angel said that the heart and the star on this scarf was in appreciation for my work in our ravelry group and in the crayon swap.
This is a knitted hair piece.  Such beautiful work.
And here is the cute card in the shape of a crayon.  Very cute.
Thank you my angel for the lovely gifts!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Soda Tab Earrings, Soda Tab Necklace, & Framed Earring Holder

This morning while getting dressed I realized that I did not have a pair of red earrings to match my shirt.  So why not make a pair?  I got out 3 shades of red nail polish and painted a bunch of soda tabs with them.  I then proceeded to make 4 different pairs of earrings out of the tabs.  I also made a necklace and a framed earring holder for my bathroom wall.  The earring holder is made out of a glassless picture frame and plastic cross stitch canvas.  I placed black duct tape along the back edges of the canvas to help secure it to the frame.  It is perfect.  I video taped myself making all of the earrings.  After I edit the videos, I'll post them on you tube (except for the 3rd pair from the left because there is already a video on how to make them by someone else).
Here are the nail polish painted tab earrings.  The large tab was already red.  I used jump rings to connect them together.  A friend of mine had sent me a bunch of large tabs with the challenge of making something out of them.  These two red tabs were a part of that group.  Challenge met ;)
Before setting out to make my earrings, I did some internet research to get inspired.  I came across this video that showed how to make the pair on the left.  Who knew that you could use duct tape and nail clippers when working with soda tabs?!  I used the toe nail clippers to cut the tabs to make both of the pairs of earrings above.
Then I was inspired to make a soda tab necklace.
I used the jump rings to connect all the tabs together, and a hook clasp for the closure.
The last two tabs are turned sideways.
The large center tab has 3 jump rings in the center.  The 3rd jump ring has 3 beads on it.

All of these items were very easy to make.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Gleaners: Art Made from Found Objects

My local library has a small gallery show titled "The Gleaners: Art Made from Found Objects."  The A.P. Art Class from the high school looks at our environment and what we leave behind.  For more information and to see all the art from this exhibit, click here.  These are the paintings that I liked or caught my attention for one reason or another.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pink Best Bunny

Last night I started crocheting an amigurumi bunny (best bunny by lionbrand) for my oldest son's teacher.  His wife is pregnant with a girl, and this will be our gift to him / his baby as a thank you / end of the school year gift.  The picture above is from this afternoon at the park.  The pattern is on my kindle.  I love that I can put pdf patterns on there, because that means that I can have several patterns with me at all times.  It makes crafting on-the-go much easier.  In the photo I had finished crocheting the head and body, and I had started working on one ear.  This has become an almost daily thing recently: crafting at the park while my youngest son plays with other kids.
Here is the bunny.  I used Vanna's Choice yarn (lionbrand yarn).  In the past I have used safety eyes on the bunnies, but since this is for a baby I stitched the eyes with yarn.  My son will be giving his two teachers their gifts tomorrow.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Emotion: This is a piece at the current gallery show at my library.  All of the pieces have recycled objects in them.  This is the only picture in this blog post that was not taken today.

From a flower's point of view
Natural Frame
I know that it is not a natural frame, but I love that they have built a little frame in the fence for the sheep.  It makes it more fun for the kids to feed them.
Not really a letter or letters, but it is a curly Q.
This is bliss because thats how I felt after making it today.  It is a knitted fairy finger puppet.

Next week:
  1. Windows / Doors
  2. Eyelashes
  3. Paint
  4. Leaf Veins
  5. Faceless Portrait (which is one that I love to do already)