Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Floral Gifts

Here are the two teacher gifts that I have made so far.  School ends next week and I wanted to make something for my kids' teachers.  I need to make 3 gifts, but the 3rd gift will be an amigurumi bunny (that teacher's wife is pregnant).  These two potted gifts each contain 6 flower pens with 4 lollipop tulips.  They are perfect for a teacher's desk.  These also make good Mother's Day gifts.
The lollipop tulips are made out of egg cartons.  You cut out each individual egg holder in a carton, and then you cut it to look like a tulip.  I used tempera paint with glitter to paint these tulips.  Then I used a small screw driver to make a hole in the center for the lollipop.
For the pens, I cut some fake flowers and used floral tape to connect them to the pens.
This is just a picture that I took while at the park this week.

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