Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ATC, Hoodie, & Sackbot

I made this artist trading card the other day using watercolors and a black pen.
It was so easy to make that I made 8 more to trade.
I've been working on my iPhone hoodie / cosy today.  Its my current on-the-go project.  The picture on the left is where I left off yesterday, and the picture on the right is where I am currently at with this project.  My concern right now is that it might be to small for my iPhone.  I might need to use thicker yarn for the next one.
Its a little late, but I finally finished the sackbot sackboy for my oldest son.  I used cardboard from some CapriSun boxes for the inside instead of my usual plushie stuffing, that way he would be more blocky.   My son thinks that it is to dark and that he doesn't really look like a sackbot, so now he wants me to add eyes to it.  Not a problem.  I'll just add some wooden buttons to it. 
I found this little guy in the sandbox today.


  1. Love the tag!! And I love the colors you're using on your iphone hoodie too.

    Hugs XX