Thursday, June 2, 2011

Special Delivery

Today was a great day for receiving packages.  I got 3 in the mail, and all of them were from people on ravelry.  That mean lots of wonderful handmade items.  You might recall the Envelope of Doooom swap that I entered a while ago.  My partner lives in Russia.  The above picture is what I sent her to work with.  The following is what she made for me from those items.
She made plarn out of the plastic newspaper bag.  Then she did a chain stitch to make the ribbon that is wrapped around the card.  How clever!  I'm going to have to do this on some of my packaging in the future.
Then using the cardboard from the Arizona Tea box, the heart from the envelope that the materials were mailed in, and a few other things, she made this blank card.
I sent her some paper beads that I had made, and she made me some stitch markers.  I don't have any nice stitch markers so I am thrilled to have gotten these lovely ones.  Sorry that the picture is blurry.
How cute are these earrings?!  She used the bread tags, buttons, and scrap fabric that I sent her to make these upcycled earrings.  I love wearing things like this when I teach classes, do demos, or when I have a table at a craft fair.  I would have never thought of making jewelry out of bread tags.  Brilliant!
Last but by far not least is this awesome necklace.  I LOVE IT!  It is my favorite item from this swap.  She crochet around the scrap fabric that I had mailed her.  When I look at it, I think about the projects that I have made using that fabric.  This necklace is full of memories as a result.
Thats not all, she also crochet around the 2 soda tabs that I had sent to her.  They are on either side of the clasp.  I love all the detailing as well.  My favorite shape is a circle, and the detailing really draws me in because of that.  Amazing work!
Here I am modeling my new jewelry.


My 2nd package was from anther Crayon Swap angel.  She sent me this gorgeous blue cotton dishcloth that was made from an unraveled sweater.  The blank card is also very beautiful.  I love them!


My 3rd package today was from a friend of mine on ravelry.  This is someone who I have become friends with and who I've swapped with in the past and who I've sent gifts to just because.  I'm not sure if she mailed these items as a Crayon Swap angel or just because.  Her letter sounded like it was "just because."  Included in the package were 2 books, one for each of my sons, that she picked up at a thrift shop.  She also issued me a challenge to try and make something out of the large pull tabs (the kind found on food cans).  I have made a bracelet using two of this size pull tabs before, so now I want to come up with something else to make out of them.
Just yesterday I was thinking that I needed some nice coasters, and then I get them in the mail from her.  I love when stuff like that happens.  She said that the yarn reminds her of denim, which in turn reminds her of the ravelry group that we are in: From Trash to Treasure.  They are beautiful.
She also made me this lovely beaded crochet bracelet.  I haven't taken it off since I modeled it for this picture.  The black button is the clasp.  It is beautiful.  The beads are iridescent, which I just love.
Here are 3 cardboard tags that she made using things like used stamps and a fake flower.  How cute!
Then she made me these 3 envelopes and blank cards.  
This has been a really great week for me, especially since all of these items (these and the other ones that came this week) came during the week of my birthday.  I feel really special and loved.  Thank you to all of my angels and to my swap partner!

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