Thursday, June 9, 2011

My iPhone Case

My husband's and my iPhone cases arrived today!  We were able to order personalized ones through  We ordered capsules.  The bottom of the case separates so that you can easily slide your iPhone in and out of it.  The look GREAT!  I've been using mine all day with no problems.  The picture above is a scan of them (from my printer) which is why there seems to be a small mess up here and there with the image quality.  They look way better than they do in this picture.  
For mine I choice to use the artist trading card that I had made called "fetal elephant."  The background is watercolor on watercolor paper (blue and pink), and then I drew on it with a fine tip black pen.  
My husband choice to use this one.  It really does suit him well.  The image above is doubled so that if you cross your eyes a certain way the image becomes 3D.  This is one of his doodles that he scanned into the computer and then colored it in photoshop.

It is pretty cool that we can carry our artwork around like that.  We might be ordering a 2nd set at some point in the future.  Maybe for Christmas.

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