Friday, June 17, 2011

What's going on

Tonight I am filming two episodes of my local access t.v. show "Its Easy Being Green."  My first guest is Ruth Canonico, a local storyteller, singer, folklorist, and teacher.  She will be telling a Native American story about the first rainbow.  We have invite about 10 children to come and sit in the audience, and to be on t.v.  Ruth's website is .

My guest on the 2nd episode is Kevin McMullin.  He'll be talking about solar power.  His company's website is

This month marks my two year anniversary of film my show.

In other news, I finished crocheting a hanging art piece.  I'm not going to show it for a few weeks, because it is for a swap.  I want to start matting some of my artist trading cards, and then present them to a few people to see if I can get a local show of them (gallery).

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