Saturday, November 30, 2013

Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup - Fall 2013

Here are the things that I made for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup (ravelry challenge group) for the Fall 2013 three month term (September - November).  Each one says what the project was and what class I submitted it into.

1. Scarf - Leaky Cauldron
2. Mary Poppins Scarf - Madame Malkin's
3. Ruffled Scarf - Ollivander's
4. Mohair doll hat - Quidditch - Get to know your Nimbus
5. Mohair doll witch hat and caplet - Knockturn Alley
6. Man Hat #7 - Quidditch - Beater
7. Man Hat #8 - Quidditch - Beater
8. Man Hat #9 - Quidditch - Beater
9. Man Hat #10 - Quidditch - Beater
10. Man Hat #11 - Quidditch - Beater
11. Ice cream cozy - Quidditch - Beater
12. Ice cream cozy - Quidditch - Beater
13. Tunisian crochet dishcloth - Quidditch - Beater
14. Crochet samplers and doll bag - Potage's Cauldron Shop
15. Beaded necklace - Apothecary
16. Catnip penguin - Magical Menagerie
17. One eared bunny - Flourish & Blotts
18. Beginning of a shawl - Order of the Phoenix Mission
19. Apple hexiflats - OWL
20. Mary Poppins hexiflats - OWL

1.  Man Hat #13 - Quidditch - Beater
2.  Man Hat #14 - Quidditch - Beater
3.  Man Hat #12 - Quidditch - Beater
4. Green dishcloth - Quidditch - Beater
5. Bobble Tree dishcloth - Quidditch - Beater
6. Granny Square - Potions
7. Yellow dyed yarn - Transfiguration
8. Candy Corn - Flying
9. Kerchief - Herbology
10. Prayer shawl - Dada
11. Flower - History of Magic
12. Bag - Detention
13. Cream dishcloth - Quidditch - Beater

1. Bobble tree pillow - Forbidden Forest
2. Tunisian crochet honeycomb dishcloth - Fluffy
3. Phone cozy - Enchanted Chess Board
4. Raindrop earrings - Troll's Chamber
5. Man Hat #15 - Quidditch - Beater
6. Man Hat #16 - Mirror of Erised
7. Man Hat #17 - Philosopher's Stone
8. Infinity Cowl - Devil's Snare Chamber
9. Hexiflats - My OWL at 100%
10. Peppermint bag - Forbidden Forest

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Phone cozy and wreath ornaments 3 ways

I used a size J hook and Cascade Pacific Chunky Multi yarn to make this phone cozy.
- ch 11
- sc across, sc in last st 3 times, flip to the other side of the chain and sc across, sc in the last st twice.  Now just sc in every stitch until it is the length that you want. 

Here are 3 wreath ornaments that I made the other day during my crochet class.  They use 3 different patterns.  The first one is a pattern that I made up.  I used Plymouth Encore worsted weight yarn and sizes F and G hooks for them.  The first 2 have a plastic ring in the center, and the 3rd one uses a green chenille stem for the center.

Here is my pattern for the first one:
Using a F hook and worsted weight yarn and a plastic ring

  • sc around the ring, sl st in the 1st sc
  • ch 3, dc in the same st as the sl st, 2 dc in each st around, join with a sl st in the first dc.
  • ch 1, sc 4 times in every st, join with a sl st into the first sc. (for less of a ruffle sc into each st 2 or 3 times)
  • ch 30 and join with a sl st to the base of the chain.
  • cut and weave in the ends.
  • Then add a bow and a bell to the bottom of it.
This pattern and its photos are copyrighted by Kristy Medina ( and may only be used for private individual or charity use. No commercial sales of this pattern or photos are permitted. ©2013

Here is the free pattern for the 3rd wreath ornament.  The 2nd wreath ornament's pattern came from Leisure Arts #4241, Ornaments to Crochet 3 Ways.  The first one is also published on ravelry.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Earrings, Stitch Markers, and Dishcloth

Yesterday I crochet a smaller pair of water drop earrings (my first pair are much larger).  I used a size 2 hook and crochet thread.  Then I crochet a pair of snowflake earrings to wear to my crochet class.  I did not starch them, because I did not want something rough scratching my neck.  Two nights ago I made 5 owl and 5 fairy stitch markers.  I found some interesting solid rings that would be good when using my larger needles, and then I found some thick jump rings that are also a nice size.  I added beads to the fairy ones.  I'm looking forward to using them.
I made another one of these dishcloths while watching a movie last month.  I really do like this pattern.