Saturday, November 9, 2013

Earrings, Stitch Markers, and Dishcloth

Yesterday I crochet a smaller pair of water drop earrings (my first pair are much larger).  I used a size 2 hook and crochet thread.  Then I crochet a pair of snowflake earrings to wear to my crochet class.  I did not starch them, because I did not want something rough scratching my neck.  Two nights ago I made 5 owl and 5 fairy stitch markers.  I found some interesting solid rings that would be good when using my larger needles, and then I found some thick jump rings that are also a nice size.  I added beads to the fairy ones.  I'm looking forward to using them.
I made another one of these dishcloths while watching a movie last month.  I really do like this pattern.

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