Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Ornaments & Christmas Kids' Crafts

Its another Tuesday and that means another library craft day.  My 3 year old and I worked on this library craft together.  The base is a brown paper bag ring (pictured below).  We used about 6 sheets of tissue paper, cut, and wadded up.  We used a glue stick to attach the tissue paper to the wreath frame.  My son wasn't very interested in working on this project, so I ended up making most of it.

I was excited about making a stuffed gingerbread man.  I got the template from in the pattern station.  There are a few different sized gingerbread men in the link.  My little gingerbread man is stuffed with scrap thread, fabric, and yarn.  I glued on the ribbon and eyes, sewed on the bell buttons, and embroidered the mouth.  My 3 year old was very excited about playing with him.  Oh, and the felt is eco-fi felt (made from recycled plastic bottles).

With the smaller template, I cut out some gingerbread men from the scrap felt.  Then I decorated them with puffy paint.  When the paint had dried, I glued some ribbon to the back of them so that they can hang from the tree.  They are so cute.  I just love them.  I will be making more of them.  All 5 of them came from the same piece of scrap felt that was left over from one of the stuffed gingerbread man's felt pieces.

Do you see the lamb ornament?  I bought that on Saturday from my church's holiday fair.  Its a pom pom with felt and chenille added to make it look like a lamb.  How cute is it!  I love the idea of making ornaments out of pom poms.  Can you see the gears in my head turning right now?  Right next to it is a hat ornament that I made tonight.

Here is another hat ornament that I made tonight.  The inside of the brim is from a toilet paper tube.  This is a great way to use up scrap yarn.

This weekend my husband expressed some concern over how many egg cartons that I have been saving.    As a result, I did a google search for egg carton ornaments today.  The above picture is of the paint drying on 2 kinds of egg carton ornaments and a food box tree ornament.  The template for the tree also came from  There is a slit from the bottom to the center on one tree, and from the top to the center of another tree.  Once the paint dries, then the two pieces will be joined to form a 3D ornament.  

"Twelve bells a ringing..."  With one egg carton, my son and I painted 12 bells.  Six are silver and six are gold.  When the paint was dry, I added a bell and a loop with a ribbon.

Here is the silver one on my tree.

And here is the gold one.

Here is round two of painting the tree and the egg cartons.  The other egg cartons are going to a penguin ornament.  I'll finish making it tomorrow.  Here is the pattern that I am following for it.

Here are two of the fancy ornaments that I crochet earlier this year.
One is red and the other is silver.

Some of you might remember the picture on the right, my son sleeping with a newly crochet angel (taken last winter).  The image on the left is the same angel hanging on our Christmas tree this year.  I crochet her during a CAL on ravelry.  She is an original pattern by a young lady on ravelry.  

Here are another two ornaments on my tree that I made earlier this year (like January and February).  The one on the left is a knit pattern by Lionbrand.  The one on the right is my personal translation of the knit pattern into a crochet pattern.

Can you see the Santa Claus ornament?  It is a plaster ornament that my 3 year old colored with a marker during the holiday fair on Saturday.  

Last Christmas I looked at our tree and said that I would like to see more handmade ornaments on it, especially yarn crafted ornaments.  I had zero yarn crafted ornaments on it last year, and now I have several.  While making ornaments for my tree, I made some for presents as well.  I'm hoping to continue doing this next year as well.


  1. I love the crocheted angel!
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  2. Love all these ideas...especially the stuffed gingerbread man...with eco felt...did you make the felt too??

  3. Thank you :) I bought the felt, but I love that it was made from recycled materials.

  4. Lots of fun stuff in this post. But I have to confess it is the little thing that makes me smile. The photo of your son asleep.

  5. Nice! I totally need some yarn ornaments on my tree!