Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Three Eco-Friendly Christmas Ornaments

Here are the eco-fi felt gingerbread ornaments that I made yesterday.  I want to make more over the weekend.  I just cut out the shapes from felt using a template, painted them with puffy paint, and glued some ribbon on the back.  Very easy.

Today I finished making these egg carton penguin ornaments.  I painted them yesterday, and then pieced them together today.  The hardest part was glueing on the earmuffs (pom poms and chenille stems).  The beaks and wings are made out of eco-fi felt.  Eco-fi felt is made out of recycled plastic bottles, and you can buy it at any craft supply store.  I'm going to keep all 4 of them for myself.  I want to make more for gifts.  My oldest son said that they represent each of us (my husband, myself, and my 2 sons).  These four penguins were made from a single egg carton.

Here are some of my newest plastic bottle ring ornaments.  The pattern for these is as follows:
- Size G hook and green worsted weight Christmas yarn (it has sparkles in it).  I think that it is a Red Heart yarn.
- Chain 20 stitches
- Half double crochet around a plastic bottle ring.  Make sure to cover the whole ring.  For mine, I scrunched up the stitches to add extra stitches so that it was slightly ruffled.
- Slip stitch into the first stitch.
- Chain 3 stitches and triple crochet into each stitch around.
- Slip stitch into first stitch of the 2nd row.
- Chain 20 stitches and cast off.
- Tie the two chained pieces together to form the loop.
- Add a bow to the bottom (or wherever you want).  You can also add beads and other mini decorations to it.


  1. What a great Idea. Do you know how I can make 2 liter bottle twirlers to hang?

  2. Adorable projects....all of them!

  3. grochetgranny3, I looked it up and here is what I found:

    I've never made one before. I hope these link help.

  4. I really like the penguins, but all of your ornaments are super cute!!

  5. What great projects. I like that you can use recycled items in them. The penguins are oh-so-cute with their earmuffs.

  6. Cute--I might make the penguins in January with my preschoolers. Thankas for linking up!