Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mini Sack Boy in Progress

I'm currently knitting another sack boy.  This will be the 4th one that I've made, and they have all been for my oldest son.  He loves playing Little Big Planet.  Part two is about to come out, and he is very excited about it.  We pre-ordered it, so he will get some extras as a result.  One of those extras is a mini sack boy plushie.  That gave me the idea to make a mini sack boy as well.  I'm using size US 1 needles and self striping sock yarn.  I'm hoping to have him finished for Christmas.  So far I have the head, the body, and one leg finished.  After this one I really need to make a blue one for my youngest son.  I know he wants one to.  If anyone is interested in making one, the pattern is here.  The head and the body of the pattern were not exactly right, at least to me, so I rewrote the pattern.  If you need this information, just leave me a comment below and I will make a special blog post with the pattern changes.  Below are the other sack boys that I have made.

The original sack boy, made to look like the main one in the game.

The one that I made for Christmas last year.  
I also made the hat and scarf out of Christmas fabric and fake fur.

The love ninja that I made him for Valentine's Day.
He is holding a crochet soda tab heart.

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