Saturday, October 29, 2011

Candy Cane Ornament

Yesterday I crochet this candy cane ornament.  It was very easy to make.  All you need is some white and red yarn, I used a size F hook, and a chenille stem.  I started making another one today.  Here is the free pattern.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Peppermint Ornament & Candy Cozy

Before making things for the Halloween swap took over my crafting life, I had started making a cozy for a plastic M&M container.  I thought that the container would make a good crafting supply container for things like needles, beads, and buttons.  I used some sock yarn and a size B crochet hook to make it.  I want to try and make different types of cozies for the M&M containers that I have been buying for this purpose.  My kids are very pleased with this crafting purchase, because they get to eat the chocolate candy.  On a side note, you can see our first snow of the season.  Its to early for snow!!!!  I've been told that tonight or tomorrow we are suppose to get more.  Yikes!
Christmas is the next holiday that is on my crafting radar.  Sure I would like to make a few things for Thanksgiving, but I really need to make some Christmas gifts.  I have some sparkly red and white cotton yarn that I wanted to make something small with, so I chose a peppermint ornament crochet pattern from Ho Ho Celebrations: 22 holiday projects to knit or crochet by Loops & Threads.  It was very easy to make, and I learned a new way of crocheting with 2 colors.  The pattern requires that you make 2 swirly circles and then crochet them together.  This just might be one of the things that I make for various people.  I could even put them on the outside of their gifts like a gift tag.

Candy Corn Dish Towel

I loved the candy corn dish cloth that I made for the Halloween swap so much that I made one for myself this past week.  I finished it just in time for Halloween.  The free pattern for it is here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Episode 41: 3rd Halloween Special

Here are the show notes to episode 41 of my local access show "Its Easy Being Green."  

How to make Halloween treat containers out of toilet paper tubes.

How to make fun Halloween jewelry out of plastic bread tags.

Google eye picture frame

A little show and tell.

Swap package to LadyKatka     &    Swap package from LadyKatka

Swap package to spookycuddles  &  Swap package from sppokycuddles

Swap package to E.B.             &         Swap package from E.B.

T-shirt necklace                               Spiders & Plarn

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tuesday Tot Craft Time: Spiders

For Halloween, make some spiders with your child.  The spiders above and just below were made with construction paper.  Just cut an oval out of black paper, and cut 8 strips of black paper (spiders have 8 legs).  Fold those 8 strips like a fan.  For the eyes you can use construction paper or google eyes.  Spiders can have 2 and more eyes.  Many have 6 eyes.  Punch a hole at the top to hang from the ceiling.  Just glue all the parts together.  My son wanted his spiders to have 6 legs and 6 eyes.  The one below was from last year and the one above was made this year.
Here is my tutorial on how to make this egg carton spider.  My (at the time) 3 year old helped me make them.
These chenille stem lollipop spiders were made by my swap partner spookycuddles.  She just wrapped short lengths of chenille stems around the lollipops and then glued on some sequins. 
We bought this spider cupcake last October.  The legs are black licorice, the eyes are red hots, and the frosting has black sprinkles on it.  Kids will love to help make these creepy treats.
And I just thought that I would share a couple of my spider photos.
This one was taken by my husband.

Halloween Swap Package from Spookycuddles

My friend spookycuddles and I agreed a year ago that we would do a Halloween swap together this year.  We both love Halloween a lot, and always decorate for it.  Here is my swap package from her.  I loved everything in it.  
She sent me some wine bottle labels.  I was really hoping to get some of her fun chenille stem items.  She made a Halloween snowflake ornament and 6 Halloween candy canes out of them.  
In the right hand picture above you can see two lollipops that she made sparkly chenille stem spiders for.
For the recycled item, she painted 3 thread cones to look like jack-o-lanterns and added fuzzy green thread to the top and bottom of them.  So cute!  
Here is my Jack Skeleton treat bag that she made.  I can carry it on my wrist to Salem this year.
My little one loved the plastic pumpkin.  He is using it to hold his marbles in.
I really wanted a set of holographic Halloween portraits.  Spookycuddles titled them Grandma Ghoul and Grandpa Ghost.  My youngest son loved them.
Check out this cool leaf mask that she made for me.  I will be wearing this to Salem this weekend.
She also made me this cute felted tomb stone and crochet spider web ornaments.
This card was cute, and the witch is removable.
She even thought about my kids, and made them both a goody bag.  I love the chenille stem twist ties.  My youngest loves the plastic rings that were inside.
For the wearable item, she made me this fuzzy, sparkly scrunchie.
For the kitchen item she crochet this candy corn dish towel.  It is hanging up in my kitchen right now.

I loved everything!  I'm looking forward to our next swap together.

Halloween Swap Package from E.B.

I received my 2nd swap package a week or two ago, but I haven't had the chance to blog about it until now.  This package was part of the Halloween ornament swap.  My partner made me a temari ornament, 3 blank cards, 1 card for me, a spider web with a spider ring, and 2 chocolate bars.  The Peanuts Gang item above is an envelope.  She used one of the Peanuts activity pages that I had sent her to make it.  Very clever and cute.  I love everything.
The temari rattles, because she made a rattle out of beads and two bottles caps and placed it inside.  Plastic bags are also inside of it making it a very recycled item.  She chose Halloween colors (secondary colors) for it.  It is beautiful, and I have wanted one for a long time.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Kitchen Items

I finished crocheting this Halloween hot pad set this week for myself.  I was inspired by the colors of candy corn.
Here is the pattern for these hot pads.
Here is the pattern for these hot pads.
These Halloween coasters were easy to make, and took only 1 day to crochet.
Yesterday I knitted this candy corn dishcloth.  Here is the pattern for it.