Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spiders & Plarn

I mailed off my Halloween swap packages on Monday, and there were a few things that I kept for myself.  This little crochet spider is meant to be a magnet, but I might make it into a brooch instead.  It was a very easy pattern by Lionbrand, but it did require a lot of sewing.
Here is the pattern for this fun crochet spider.  Instead of knitting an eye cord and inserting wire into it for the legs, I used 4 pipe cleaners instead.  It was tricky getting the pipe cleaners to go through the body filled with stuffing.  I added 2 medium sized google eyes and 4 small ones to make him more creepy.
I also made 2 skeins of black and green plarn (plastic bag yarn).
I started making a bag out of the plarn this week.  Today I finished crocheting the base, and now I can work on the sides.

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