Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Swap Package from LadyKatka

Last week I received my first Halloween swap package in the mail.  It was from LadyKatka in Canada.  I loved everything.
For my trick or treat bag, I got this cool crochet eyeball bag.  You know its cool when even my 12 year old, who doesn't show an interest in much, said "Whoa, that is awesome!"  I've already used it as a project bag this month.
I took these for a spin today, since it was chilly at the park.  She designed these cool spider Halloween gloves herself.  I was really hoping for some fingerless gloves.  Now I have something awesome to wear to Salem this year.
This is the decorative item, 4 squares that say BOO!  I can either hang them up or use them as coasters.  Then there is a little felt bat that will be added to my youngest son's felt board stories.
A little added bonus was this beaded spider.  I'm going to have my jeweler friend help me turn it into a brooch.  If you look at the first picture, you can see the front of the purple card.  It had a cool drawing of a black tree.
The recycled item is these two painted tin cans that are tea light candle holders.  The orange one has a jack-o-lantern punched out of it, and the Black one says BOO!  
On one of the packages was this bow made from black and white pages of a magazine.  I know that there are several different directions on how to make these on the internet (if anyone is interested).  
She also send me some Kinder chocolate.  You can't buy these in the states.  I had heard about them, but I didn't really understand what they were until I opened it for myself.  They are hollow chocolate eggs.  Inside of the eggs are these yellow plastic containers.  Inside the containers are surprises.  Can you believe that this airplane fit inside of one of those plastic containers?  The other one contained a small hour glass.  We have yet to open the 3rd one.  My kids loved them.  I'm thinking of punching 2 holes in the top of the plastic containers, adding a jump ring and a key chain ring, and attaching it to my on-the-go crafting kit.  It can hold something small in it, like stitch markers or buttons.

Thank you LadyKatka for everything!

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