Thursday, March 26, 2009


I went into the Chelmsford telemedia studio today to be on another local tv show. This show is called Z LIGHTER SIDE OF TRANSFORMATION, and the hostess is Lisa Wesson. This particular episode of the show was about how everyone can be a recycling artist. Lisa had just gotten back from New York where she saw a gallery show full of recycling artists. I brought some of my recycled crafts. We also talked about the upcoming Earth Day Fair in Chelmsford. It seemed to go well. The camera man said that it was very energetic. It will air sometime in April on channel 8 in Chelmsford.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crazy Week

This week has been pretty crazy for me. I did start a new project though. I am making another sackboy. This one will be for my toddler. My older son loves his. I need to make it some accessories before his birthday this summer.

I got some nice lavender fabric for the back of the Easter Quilt. I really need to finish basting my grandma's quilt, and get to work on it. Also my mom's birthday is next week, and I want to make her something. It has to be a quick project. I have something in mind, but I won't say what it is in case she reads this blog. We are going to see her this weekend, so getting it to her in time is no problem.

Oh, I almost forgot. I learned how to make yarn out of t-shirts. I found 2 t-shirts of mine that I didn't mind cutting into yarn. One of them I never wore, and the other had a hole in it. I am doing a crochet along with a t-shirt yarn Ravelry group. This month is is a two colored bowl. I ran out of the dominate color and now I am on the look out from another shirt to turn into yarn. I might check a thrift store. I made sure that the main color is red, so that it would be easy to find a matching color. The 2nd color is harder to find since it is a blend of colors. I will take pictures a some point. Like I said, this week is really crazy. You might not see any pictures until next week.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Town Talk: I was on tv

It was really surreal watching myself on tv. Man I need to loose some weight. The funny part was when my toddler got super excited and was pointing at the tv over and over again. For those of you that live in Chelmsford (and possibly in the area) I was on the local show called Town Talk with Denise Ready. It is on channel 8. It will air again on Friday at 9pm, Sunday at 12 pm, Tuesday at 7:30 pm, and on Wednesday at 7:30 pm. It is an hour long show. I am the 3rd guest on. I come on about 40 minutes into the show. I went on to promote the Earth Day Fair and the Town Wide Clean Up in Chelmsford on April 25th this year. If you watch it, please let me know what you think. Thanks :)

Pictures and Finished Easter Quilt Top

Here is the quilt top for one of my son's Easter quilt. The pattern was found in "Quick Quilts" magazine February 2009 issue, page 12. The pattern is called Modern Spirit in Squares. It was an easy quilt to make. It is the perfect size for a child (56" x 63").

This quilt was inspired from simply closing my eyes. It represents a white tunnel that has the six main colors of the spectrum spiraling inward. This is just the beginning of this quilt. The spiral will get bigger as the quilt gets larger. Nothing is pre-cut, because I have to do some math after each set of 4 triangles are sew on. The math is to determine the size of the next 4 triangles (turning the square on point).

This was my homework assignment for my quilt guild's box exchange. The lady that will be receiving these blocks is making a twin size quilt for a little boy.

This pencil (and other things) holder was made from one Sprite and six Pepsi bottles. I cut off the top of the bottles and punched holes all around the top of them. I used a small hole hole punch. I then used a curved tapestry needle and embroidery thread to join the bottles together (via the punched holes).

This is the hat that I made and then wore as a DestiNation Imagination appraiser for this month. The white is crochet plyarn (plastic bag yarn). The brim is two layers of CapriSun juice pouches. The bow is made from scrap fabric that is too small to sew. A pipe cleaner holds the fabric stripes together, and a twist tie was used to attach it to the hat. I then knitted the brim of a winter hat for the inside, because the plastic made my head itch.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Town Talk, Easter Quilt, & DI

Tonight I was a guest on a local television show called Town Talk. I went on to promote the Town Wide Clean Up and the Earth Day Fair on April 25th in Chelmsford, MA. I think that it will air tomorrow night at 8:30 pm on channel 8.

In craft news, I have been making an Easter quilt for one of my sons. I got the pattern from Quick Quilts magazine. The quilt in the magazine used mod fabrics. The pattern was good for showcasing the fabric, so that is why I chose it for the Easter quilt.

Last Saturday was the DestiNation Imagination regional tournament. I was an Instant Challenge appraiser. It was fun. Next time I'll wear sneakers, because my feet were killing me. I can't talk about any details, because the Instant Challenges are a secret until after the national tournament. An Instant Challenge is a challenge that is given to the team on the spot. Only the team, their manager, and the appraisers know about it. If anyone else knew about it, it could give an unfair advantage to another team if they get that same challenge. I will post a picture of my hat later though.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Juice pouches & a new quilt

I am almost finished with my DestiNation Imagination hat. I used plastic bag yarn to crochet a top hat. I then sewed juice pouched on it for a wide brim. Using scrap fabric that was too small for other projects, I made a type of bow / flower and attached that with pipe cleaner. The hat slowly slid down my head, and it also irritated my forehead a little. My solution was to knit the beginning of a winter hat. I used my knitting loom for that. Now I just need to attach that to the inside of the hat.

I cleaned about 180 juice pouches yesterday. Then I proceeded to sew the bottoms of about 120 to 150 juice pouches. I did this to close up the bottom so that I can then start making "thank you" notebooks for the classrooms that recycle them for me.

I have also been working on an actual art project involving juice pouches. It will be large, and it will contain at least 441 juice pouches.

I also started making a new quilt. I is like a snail's trail, but with only one spiral. It will be a single block quilt. I might wait to post pictures until it is finished. I had a vision of this quilt.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ollie The Octopus Finished

I finished making Ollie the Octopus from the free pattern at I forgot what he looked liked when I stuffed him and stitched the eyes on. I over stuffed him and placed the eyes to high. He is still cute though. I am saving him for my son's 2nd birthday.

I started making Bella Bunny for him for Easter today. Again it is a free pattern at

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ollie The Octopus

I've been knitting the octopus for my toddler. I've made the body and 6 of the 8 tentacles. The pattern is free at I have also stopped crocheting my plastic bag yarn hat. I am ready to begin adding other recycled materials to embellish it.