Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Juice pouches & a new quilt

I am almost finished with my DestiNation Imagination hat. I used plastic bag yarn to crochet a top hat. I then sewed juice pouched on it for a wide brim. Using scrap fabric that was too small for other projects, I made a type of bow / flower and attached that with pipe cleaner. The hat slowly slid down my head, and it also irritated my forehead a little. My solution was to knit the beginning of a winter hat. I used my knitting loom for that. Now I just need to attach that to the inside of the hat.

I cleaned about 180 juice pouches yesterday. Then I proceeded to sew the bottoms of about 120 to 150 juice pouches. I did this to close up the bottom so that I can then start making "thank you" notebooks for the classrooms that recycle them for me.

I have also been working on an actual art project involving juice pouches. It will be large, and it will contain at least 441 juice pouches.

I also started making a new quilt. I is like a snail's trail, but with only one spiral. It will be a single block quilt. I might wait to post pictures until it is finished. I had a vision of this quilt.

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