Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pictures and Finished Easter Quilt Top

Here is the quilt top for one of my son's Easter quilt. The pattern was found in "Quick Quilts" magazine February 2009 issue, page 12. The pattern is called Modern Spirit in Squares. It was an easy quilt to make. It is the perfect size for a child (56" x 63").

This quilt was inspired from simply closing my eyes. It represents a white tunnel that has the six main colors of the spectrum spiraling inward. This is just the beginning of this quilt. The spiral will get bigger as the quilt gets larger. Nothing is pre-cut, because I have to do some math after each set of 4 triangles are sew on. The math is to determine the size of the next 4 triangles (turning the square on point).

This was my homework assignment for my quilt guild's box exchange. The lady that will be receiving these blocks is making a twin size quilt for a little boy.

This pencil (and other things) holder was made from one Sprite and six Pepsi bottles. I cut off the top of the bottles and punched holes all around the top of them. I used a small hole hole punch. I then used a curved tapestry needle and embroidery thread to join the bottles together (via the punched holes).

This is the hat that I made and then wore as a DestiNation Imagination appraiser for this month. The white is crochet plyarn (plastic bag yarn). The brim is two layers of CapriSun juice pouches. The bow is made from scrap fabric that is too small to sew. A pipe cleaner holds the fabric stripes together, and a twist tie was used to attach it to the hat. I then knitted the brim of a winter hat for the inside, because the plastic made my head itch.

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