Monday, November 7, 2011

Candy Canes, Wreaths, and Hats! Oh My!

I made some more crochet candy cane and wreath ornaments.  I'm going to donate a few of them to my church's holiday fair next month.
I signed up for another swap, this time it is a Christmas ornament swap.  My partner likes black, purple, and zebra striped things, so I made her some candy cane ornaments with those colors.
I also made her these two hat ornaments using parts of a toilet paper tube.  Here are the directions on how to make them.


  1. We used to make these hat ornaments as kids and now that I am in my 30's I smile everytime I hang mine on the tree. My kiddos are getting old enough to make their own now!

  2. Those hats are super cute. My bible study group at Church just finished making 100 of them for our charity tree this year. So easy! I'd never seen anyone else having done them before. Love them. :)

  3. I bet that tree looked really cute sarianastar.