Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Power Outage + Halloween Crafting

Since Sunday we have been without internet, cable t.v., and land lines (phone).  Thank goodness for DVDs and internet on my phone.  Also thankfully we were one of the lucky 10% to 20% who had power in my town.  A few regained power last night and today, but others aren't going to get it back until Thursday evening.  Halloween trick or treating was postponed until this coming Sunday due to down power lines, broken / hanging tree limbs, and power outages.  What happened was that there was still a lot of leaves on the trees when we got a wet and heavy snow fall.  Many limbs snapped and fell on power lines.  We just got back our cable, internet, and phone two hours ago.  So I have a few things to share with you.
I made these spider Halloween ornaments by cutting out some flat plastic packaging.  Then I put some spider stickers on it, and added some glitter glue around them.  Once dry, I punched a hole just above the glitter, then I cut them out around the glitter and hole punch.  Next I added the string and hung them up.  This is a great way to recycle that plastic packaging that normally goes into the trash.
I've been working on making a Hallowig (Halloween wig) since Saturday.  I ran out of yarn last night, and I can't get anymore until the craft stores regain power.  At least I won't need it until Sunday, so there is time to finish it.  Here is the pattern for it.  My mom wants me to make her a neon green one.  It is the perfect fun thing to make with the bad acrylic yarn that I have.
On Saturday we carved pumpkins.  This one is mine.  I used one of those pre-made templates that you can buy in a booklet.
This one is my husband's, designed after one of his drawings.
My 4 year old drew on this pumpkin and then I carved it out for him.
The best part about carving pumpkins is eating the seeds.  I cook half of them with oil and sea salt and the other half with oil and cinnamon sugar.  The color picture is before I cleaned them, and the other one is after they were cleaned.
Both of these pictures were taken on Saturday.  One was before the snow, and the other was during the snow.  Its crazy that we got snow before Halloween.  That has not happened before since we've lived here (but it has happened here before).  This was the 2nd snow of the season.  The first one was light and melted quickly.  
This was taken Saturday night.  You could hear tree limbs breaking in our neighborhood. 

Some of my friends are still without power.  School was canceled from Monday - Wednesday (yes tomorrow) due to lack of power.  Everyday a few more homes / areas get power.  Hopefully everything will be back to normal by Friday.

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