Saturday, November 12, 2011

Purple Crochet M&M Minis Cozy

I have been crocheting this cozy for a few weeks.  I finally finished it today.  It took a long time because I used thin crochet thread and a 1.90 mm crochet hook (size 5).  I used a modified spiral pattern to create the stripes, that way the stripes are seamless.  I slipped stitched the last round, which makes it stay on easier.  This cozy and empty container is for my swap partner who likes purple.  She can put small craft supplies in it, like sewing needles, buttons, stitch markers, etc.
The cozy was a little to plain, so I added a flower made on the peg loom to it.  I used the same 2 colors of purple, and wrapped them around the loom 3 times (thus getting a 6 layered flower).  Then I used 2 strands of the lighter colored purple thread for the center.  Next I added a dot of black glitter glue to the center of it.  My partner likes the color black as well.  
Here name starts with the letter B, so I turned the M on top of the M&M minis container into a B with some black glitter glue.  Why did I choose the lime green container?  I asked her grandmother (who I am friends with) which color she would prefer: red, light blue, green, or orange.  Those are the colors that I have been able to get a hold of with the M&M minis.  I hope that she likes it.  I really like it, and now I want to make one for myself.


  1. This is really very cute ..and a great way to use the container! :)

  2. Adorable, now I need to go buy some M&M mini's. Thank you so much for linking up at Upcycled Awesome this week.