Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Swap Package to Gekko

Here is the package that I sent to Gekko in Australia for Halloween.  I also included a Kool Aid juice pouch notebook, which isn't pictured here.  The small goodies are a stamp, a pencil, 2 spider rings, a parachuting black cat, and some Peanuts Gang activity pages.
Gekko was one of my Halloween ornament swap partners.  For her main ornament I made her this black cat.  It is a super easy pattern to make.  I made a different main ornament for each person according to what they said that they liked.  All of them liked witches.  Gekko liked black cats.
I also made her a cork witch as well. 
And this wreath ornament.  It was crochet around a plastic bottle ring.  You can find directions for this in any of my other blog posts about Halloween swap packages that I made.
Here are the 4 magnets that I sent out to my partners.  They are just pre-painted wooden pieces that I glued a magnet to.
I put a few of the small items inside of some of these toilet paper tube "pillow favors." 
Here are the 4 cards that I mailed to my 4 partners.  I just put some fun Halloween stickers on the folded card stock.

I hope that Gekko liked them, and I hope that she got them by now.

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