Friday, December 17, 2010

Tardis Ornament

Calling all Doctor Who fans.

This Tardis ornament is a free pattern on ravelry.  Its very easy to make.  I used felt for the windows and the "Police Box" signs.  "Police Box" was painted on using puffy paint.  There is also some embroidery involved to show the door lines of the Tardis.  The inside is lined with cardboard from a food box so that it keeps its shape after it was stuffed.

This was a Christmas swap present for one of my online friends who happens to live in Australia.  This particular present was labeled "open when you need a pick-me-up."  I know that she has already opened it, so that is why I am blogging about it.  Now I need to make myself one.  


  1. Love this! My Christmas tree lacks any Doctor Who ornaments so I might have to rectify that by making myself one of these. Great job!