Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Tot Craft Time: Paper Chains

Today was the last kids' craft time at the library for a few weeks.  Well, actually it is the last of the normal craft time there, because I will be teaching a snowflake ornament and New Year's hat craft class there on the 28th.  However my class is for the school age children vs the toddler one that was held today.  Today we made a paper chain from strips of construction paper.  My son used a stapler to join the links together.  You can see my personal color preference at work here.  I like it when colors are arranged according to the color wheel, so the order of the links is yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and green.  We were only allowed to use two of each color so that there would be enough for others to make one as well.  

How to "green" this project up:
- Use magazines or newspaper instead of construction paper.  You can paint the paper to add color to it.
- Use used wrapping paper or old greeting cards.
- You could also saw a cardboard mailing tube into rings, sand them, paint them, and join them.
- Join toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes together.
- Join plastic bottle rings together.
- Cut food boxes and use them.

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