Friday, June 24, 2011

Soda Tab Earrings, Soda Tab Necklace, & Framed Earring Holder

This morning while getting dressed I realized that I did not have a pair of red earrings to match my shirt.  So why not make a pair?  I got out 3 shades of red nail polish and painted a bunch of soda tabs with them.  I then proceeded to make 4 different pairs of earrings out of the tabs.  I also made a necklace and a framed earring holder for my bathroom wall.  The earring holder is made out of a glassless picture frame and plastic cross stitch canvas.  I placed black duct tape along the back edges of the canvas to help secure it to the frame.  It is perfect.  I video taped myself making all of the earrings.  After I edit the videos, I'll post them on you tube (except for the 3rd pair from the left because there is already a video on how to make them by someone else).
Here are the nail polish painted tab earrings.  The large tab was already red.  I used jump rings to connect them together.  A friend of mine had sent me a bunch of large tabs with the challenge of making something out of them.  These two red tabs were a part of that group.  Challenge met ;)
Before setting out to make my earrings, I did some internet research to get inspired.  I came across this video that showed how to make the pair on the left.  Who knew that you could use duct tape and nail clippers when working with soda tabs?!  I used the toe nail clippers to cut the tabs to make both of the pairs of earrings above.
Then I was inspired to make a soda tab necklace.
I used the jump rings to connect all the tabs together, and a hook clasp for the closure.
The last two tabs are turned sideways.
The large center tab has 3 jump rings in the center.  The 3rd jump ring has 3 beads on it.

All of these items were very easy to make.


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