Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Episode 18 of It's Easy Being Green: Spinning Plarn & Vhs Tape

Here are 5 videos from episode 18 of my local access show Its Easy Being Green.  In this episode I show how to make plarn, or plastic bag yarn, how to spin vhs tape on a drop spindle, how to spin plarn on a Navajo spindle, how to ply plarn with regular yarn on a spinning wheel, and how to crochet a market bag out of plarn.  Also check out My Recycled Bags for vhs tape, tarn, and plarn crochet patterns.  Check out Fat Bottom Bag's you tube video for a different version of the same plarn market bag (I tweaked her pattern to suit me).  You can also go to my you tube channel to watch more videos.  For some reason the blog cuts off the right side of the videos.  Also 3 of the videos have the same opening, but they are different.

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