Friday, May 21, 2010

Insects Like Weaving & Fused Newspaper Tote

I got a lot of weaving done on my newest finger weaving project yesterday.  Again I am using 1 skein of yarn that is variegated.  I want to make a bag out of this one.  I'll have to make a few long strips, and then sew them together to make the bag.

This little guy wanted to have a closer look at my yarn when I took a break from weaving.  It seems that lately the insects are really into my weavings.

On Saturday, this jumping spider decided to have a closer look at my last weaving.  He jumped on my hand and then on my leg.  My husband just happened to be outside with his camera, and he took this picture.  You can see some more pictures from last weekend on his blog.

This morning I finally got around to making a fused plastic bag tote out of newspaper bags for a friend of mine.  She asked me to make this 2 months ago.  I really wanted to make a special one for her.  I fused several newspaper plastic bags to themselves (the 2 layers of the bag together).  Then I wove them together.  Then I fused some clear ones to the back.  Next I cut up a fused pink bag and then fused the strips to the front of the bag.  Here is the sheet of fused bags before I sewed it.

Next I layered 3 bags together, and then fused them to make the handles.  I cut this in half and folded it to make the handles.

Voila!  I just love it, and so did my friend.  I brought it to her this morning.  She is the person who gives me the most newspaper plastic bags, and she had wanted a bag made from the ones that she had saved for me.

Thirteen plastic newspaper bags were used to make it.  There is 6 layers of plastic fused together.  Normally I only fuse 4 layers, but the newspaper bags are thinner than regular bags.

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  1. I really like the look of your fused and woven tote bag. I've got to try doing a bag like this soon. As always thanks for sharing another cool recycled bag project!