Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday's Tot Craft Time: Cambodia

On Sunday we went to the American Textile History Museum.  They have a great kids area in which they had several Cambodian inspired crafts set up for the kids to make.  This is a paper doll that the kids could trace and cut out.  Then they could color her and glue scrap fabric on her for clothing.  Another great idea for fabric scraps!  We put 2 magnets on the back of her, and now she is on our refrigerator.

This necklace was very easy to make.  The kids had their choice of lettered and numbered wood tiles.  There was a pen available along with a Cambodian letter and alphabet that the kids could add to the back of their tile.  The back of my son's tile is the Cambodian number 3.  Then there were cut strips of sticky, soft velcro.  You attached it to the tile and around the cord at the same time.

The kids could also make the cambodian flag.  They had pre-cut blue and red pieces of fabric that needed to be glued together (with a glue stick).  Then you had to cut out the white image and glue that to the flag.  Then using the glue stick, you glued and rolled the flag around a skewer or dowel.  I cut the sharp point off of the skewer before glueing the flag on.

Here is the crown and tiara station.  They provided 3 templates that you could trace around a stiff piece of felt.  Then there were lots of goodies that the kids could glue onto it.  They even had glitter glue (which can get messy and takes a while to dry).

When your tiara or crown is dry, then you can punch a hole on 2 sides, add some string, and wear it.

I can't forget about Lulu.  She greeted us when we entered the museum.  My son really liked her.  So much so that we had to wait 10 minutes for her to come back before we could leave the museum.  I think that it is really cute that the mascot for the Textile Museum is a lamb.  Once a month the museum offers a program for the kids with Lulu.  We are going to have to check it out some time.

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