Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday's Tot Craft Time: Watercolor Painting

The library has stopped drop in craft time for a few weeks.  However my son has been doing a lot of watercolor painting lately.  A friend gave me a box of old printer paper that she no longer wants (the kind with holes on the sides).  Now he has a whole bunch paper to use.  This is a nice way for him to be creative, get messy, and learn about color.  The funny thing is that he learned all by himself how clean water makes for better paint color.  So as soon as the water is opaque, he goes and gets some clean water.  I keep a towel near by to clean up any messes.  Because it is watercolor, it is easy to clean up.  His table is set up in a place where I can keep an eye on him and he has a straight route to the bathroom sink.

The Benefits of Art and Your Child.
Watercolor Techniques for Kids.


  1. We were going to come this week too!!! We did dandelion watercolor painting today. It is so fun! Just pluck some dandelions or other flowers from your backyard and use them as the brush.

  2. That reminds me of a friend's painting in high school. She used broccoli to paint a picture of broccoli. It made some great texture. We'll have to try dandelion painting some time.