Thursday, May 27, 2010


A few months ago my kids picked up some wooden animals and things from the craft store.  I finally got around to glueing magnets on the back of them this week.

I love magnets.  They cover most of the sides of my refrigerator.

My youngest son loves playing with them.  They keep him occupied while I cook dinner or wash the dishes.

I love buying the pre-painted wooden pieces from the craft store for this purpose.  The magnets that I glue on the back are much stronger than any of the other magnets that I have bought.  It's nice knowing that when I put a piece of paper on the refrigerator with them, it won't fall off.

Some of my other magnets are movie stubs, magazine clippings, and pictures glued onto those business card magnets that people sometimes send in the mail or had out.

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