Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday's Tot Craft Time: Book Bag

Today's library craft project was making a book bag out of 2 brown paper shopping bags.  The little ones above were only for the directions.  With one paper bag, cut down the 4 folded sides / edges and stop about 9 inches above the bottom / base.  Then with the second bag, cut it about 9 inches from the base so that the bottom and top are in two pieces.  With the top half, cut out some handles.  Let your child decorate the larger bag.  The bottom half will be the outside of the bag, and the upper half will be the inside of the bag.  Fold the handles in half, open them up and fold the sides to the center.  Then fold in half again.  To assemble the bag, open up the 2 bags.  Insert the smaller bag inside of the larger bag.  Then fold the cut sides of the larger bag so that it is now the interior of the smaller bag.  Now staple the handles to the bag.  I also stapled the sides of the bag so that the flaps stayed down.  Below are pictures of the finished bag.  The purpose of using 2 bags is to make it a stronger bag.

Here is my son decorating the lower half of the large bag.

Here is the finished bag.

You can see the inside of the bag here.

Its perfect to carry your favorite library books in.

Or to carry your toys in.


  1. What a great idea! Is Toddler Craft time every tuesday at the Chelmsford Library? We would love to check it out.

  2. Yes it is :) You should come! It starts at 10:30 am, but they leave all the materials out for about an hour. They also have story time on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday every week (except for vacation weeks). The one in North Chelmsford has story time every Friday at 10:30 am. This summer's MA library theme is go green (or something like that). So their programing will be centered around that. Oh, and there is a Teddy Picnic on the 15th at the Senior Center. We went last year and it was fun.