Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Chelmsford Quilt Guild's Quilt Show

My quilt guild's quilt show was yesterday and today.  There were just to many beautiful quilts for me blog about.  So I decided to focus on those that had to do with recycling and one that I helped make.

The center of these blocks are jeans.  The quilt's title had to do with memories.

Many of the jeans look as if they were a young girl's old jeans.  This is a great quilt idea.

This tie quilt was made with real ties.

This quilt was from my very first round robin.  I made the large center square.  The instructions were to solve a sudoku puzzle, then sew the squares accordingly.  Then the quilt was passed on to the next person.  This quilt belongs to someone else.  I still need to finish my round robin quilt.

Here is the raffle quilt for this year.  Raffle tickets are still available for purchase.

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