Monday, May 31, 2010

The Zoo

This weekend we checked out a new zoo, at least new to us.  I was very impressed when I saw this bench that was made out of 1550 milk jugs.

Right across from it was this bench that was made out of 100% recycled materials.

Unfortunately they still permitted people to smoke inside of the zoo.  However this sign was really cute.  I immediately pictured a fish coming up out of the water and using its side fins to move around.

This sign was also pretty cute.  That night we watch Zathura.  There is a part in the movie where the kid asks what the aliens eat.  When told that they eat meat, he was relieved.  That is until he found out that he is meat.  Well that kind of describes one of the conversations that I had with my kids while looking at the lions. P.S. We are all vegetarians.

My husband took all of these pictures for me.  To see what pictures he took for himself, please visit his blog.  Check back later this week to vote for your favorite picture (on his blog).  He is entering a photo contest that the zoo is running, and he wants opinions on which pictures to submit (there is a 3 picture limit).

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