Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday's Tot Craft Time: Plaster Fun Time

My older son's birthday is coming up, and I wanted my youngest to make something for his brother.  We had not been to Plaster Fun Time in a year, so we went today.  It is a place that sells different plaster items that you can paint.  Then they have 4 different types of spray coatings for you to choose from when you are finished.  Last year my youngest painted the 1st letter in his brother's name for his birthday.  This year he wanted to paint this poke ball for him.  I gave him red, white, and yellow paint.  In the end that peach / orange color was all the paint mixed together.  I tried to salvage it a bit by painting over the wet paint.  It's not perfect, but we had fun.

My little one liked this astronaut magnet that was there, so I painted it for him.  He wanted the glitter finish on his.  The other one got a gloss finish.  Would you know that 1 minute after this picture was taken, he dropped the magnet and it broke in half.  So now I need to glue it back together.

I usually like to go to the pottery place to paint presents, but we do not have a week to wait for it to be fired.  At the pottery place I like to give my toddler a tile to paint.  He can paint whatever he wants to and it doesn't matter.  I like to use the tiles as trivets.

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