Monday, June 21, 2010

Lucky #13 - Shopping Bags

I finished making the other 12 shopping bags today.  As you can see, I used 3 different fabrics.  There is the patriotic flag fabric, the strawberry fabric, and the watermelon and cherry fabric.  The fruit fabric is from a line called Tutti Fruity.  It has a different texture than the flag fabric.  So now I have 13 new shopping bags (including the one that I finished the other day).  The directions for making them is in this link.

As soon as I was done making them, then it was time to take them for a test run.  The bagger only used 3 of the new bags.  He did use 2 of my plarn bags and 2 of my t-shirt bags along with a few store bought bags.  I am so happy to have more than enough reusable shopping bags for my major grocery store trips.

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