Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday (Bags)

My oldest son is turning 11 this week, and his party is on Saturday.  I finished sewing 10 goodie bags for the party.  I only needed to make 9 though.

 I made them just like I would a reusable shopping bag.  I then cut out a food box and used it as a label.  I numbered 7 of them 1 - 7.  I left a space to write the child's name, otherwise they can just remember which number is theirs.

The larger cat tag is for my youngest son's bag.  Both of my kids have their name on their tags / bags.  The goodie bags are packed and ready for the party.

Last month I fused a bunch of plastic bags.  Yesterday I turned 2 sheets of them into bags.  This one is slightly clear.

The orange bags were given to me by an employee at Jo Anns.  I thought that the Boston Globe pink was a nice touch for the top of the bag.  Its a tall, thin bag, perfect for a bottle of wine.

I actually used these two bags to wrap some of my son's presents in.

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