Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Magnets & A Juice Pouch Lunch Box

For my birthday I received an i tunes gift card and a t-shirt from  I glued an unwanted magnet to the back of the gift card and turned it into a nicer magnet.  Threadless sends a sheet of stickers along with the shirt in the mail.  I just stuck these stickers, and a sticker from my son's new pants (adjustable waistband), to other unwanted magnets.  When I say unwanted magnets I mean those that you receive in the mail sometimes.  Now I have some new magnets.

Today I finished making this juice pouch lunch box.  Each juice pouch contains some batting so that it is insulated.  It has 2 velcro closures.  I also sewed two matching polka dot ribbons together so that they match the orange and blue juice pouches.  You can see my video on how to make one here (it is 4 minutes into the video).

This lunch box is for a friend of mine who makes jewelry.  We worked out an exchange.  I made her daughter this lunch box and gave her other daughter the purse in the picture below in exchange for a necklace that she made and a pair of earrings that her daughter had made.  I love exchanging things.  No need to worry about money, however it is an even exchange for how much each of us would charge for our items.

This lunch box was featured here along with two other wonderful lunch boxes:


  1. I love this idea. Could I steal a photo so I can point to your post from my blog?

  2. Thank you and yes you can use my photo (just as long as you give me credit).

  3. Thank you! Here's the post:
    (I'm playing catch up right now so you'll see that it's back dated, but I just barely wrote it, I promise.)