Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Patriotic Items

Yesterday I finished sewing 8 new patriotic cloth napkins.  They are about 10 inches squared.  Now we have 3 different sets of patriotic napkins.  I am liking the 10" squared ones more than the 5" x 10" ones.

While going through my old blog posts for patriotic images the other day, I realized that my flag quilt was made long before I started reading blogs (or having one).  I made this quilt over 4 years ago.  What I did was  to sew the flag like normal (13 stripes, stars, and a wide border).  I made it longer than what I wanted it to be.  Then I cut it into stripes and shifted the stripes so that it looked like it was blowing in the wind.  Then I pinned it and sewed it back together again.  Next I trimmed up the sides and sewed on another border.  After machine sewing it, I learned about a walking foot.  I wish I knew about it before, because there are some puckers in the quilting.  This was a very simple quilt to make.  I love making holiday themed quilts for my kids.


  1. This is jaw dropping, mouth watering, drooling wiping!!! I love this. What talent you have! I am featuring this at Grab my "featured' button.

  2. This is so pretty and not overly difficult for a waving flag. I'd love it if you'd link up with Fabric Fun Thursday :).

  3. Long may it wave in your home! This is such a work of art, and will truly be a family heirloom. Thanks for sharing this treasure!