Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Box Exchange 2009-2010

This was the second year that I have participated in my quilt guild's box exchange.  What is a box exchange?  You pick out a block, include any kind of instructions for the making of that block (size, piecing directions, color, ect.), then put it in a box (provided by the guild).  Everyone's box looks the same.  Then they number the boxes.  You don't know what number is on your box, so that you never know who has your box.  Then at each meeting (once a month) you get a new box and turn in the box that you had.  You follow the instructions in the box and make one or two blocks for it.  This box exchange started in October and ended this month.  This month was the big reveal to see how everyone's blocks turned out.  The following blocks are ones that I worked on.

I made two blocks for this one.  The top left and the third row middle one.

You might remember this one from the April block of the month how-to.  I made the top left one.

I don't remember which ones I made here, but I did make 2 blocks.

I don't remember if I made one or two of these blocks.  There are three that look the same, and I worked on one or two of them (top left, middle right, and bottom left).

I made the top right one and the 4th row right one here.

I enjoyed making those blocks so much that I made 2 more for myself and made a pillow out of them.

With the scraps, I made 2 catnip sachets.

I made the bottom center block here.  It was a very large block, so everyone who worked on it only made one.  I really like how bold this one looks.

This one couldn't have come at a better time.  I had really wanted to make a maple leaf block when I received this box.  I made the brown one in the 2nd row, 2nd in from the left, and the bottom orange one on the left.

These are from my box.  I included the center square and asked that everyone use it.  I requested that they use red or pink and white or cream in this log cabin block.  I wanted a Valentine's theme, because I wanted to turn them into a shape of a heart.

Today I pieced them together.  The 2 center squares are the ones that I had made.  I plan on having this quilt finished by Valentine's Day next year for my youngest son.  I want it to be a twin size quilt.  Now to figure out what the rest of the quilt will look like.  I really love how it turned out.  I had to pull myself away from working on it more (I have other projects that have an up coming deadline).

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