Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

This morning my church had their annual May breakfast to raise money.  They were also selling these May baskets made out of crepe paper.  I thought that it was the cutest thing.  It is also filled with fudge.  This is a nice craft to make out of those plastic planters.

I found these lovely flowers growing where we throw our yard clippings.  I put them in a clean pasta sauce jar with some scrap ribbon wrapped around it.

Then it was time to relax outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

While outside I made some soda tab bracelets to sell at the Earth Fair next weekend.

Then later we went for a walk at a local park.  While my husband was taking pictures of frogs and turtles and my oldest was trying to skip stones in the pond, my youngest was blowing dandelions.  

I hope that you had a nice May Day.  


  1. Sounds like a wonderful May Day Kristy! Time with the family out doors and the weather even looks like it cooperated. Happy Spring!

  2. Thanks Christi! I got a nice little sunburn on my shoulders, but it was a good day. I love seeing all of your outdoor adventures.

  3. Here are some of my husband's pictures from this day.