Thursday, October 14, 2010

Preparing for a Juice Pouch Notebook Class

I am teaching a juice pouch notebook class this Saturday at the Somerville Library.  In preparation for it, I have been cleaning the sticky straw part off of over 60 juices pouches this week.  The inside of them were cleaned months ago.  However after you remove the plastic from where the straw was stuck to it, it leaves a sticky residue.  I only need 32 juice pouches for the class since there is a 15 child limit for it.  However I like the kids to have options, and any left over will be made into things for my upcoming craft fair.  I'll be posting the details of the craft fair this weekend.  However I can tell you that it is on November 20th.

In other news, I finished making another present for my Christmas swap partner.  The mail out deadline is this month.  Now I am working on making the packaging / gift wrapping for everything.  We aren't suppose to spend any money on making the items, which makes this swap extra fun (and it really is fun).

I also finished editing episode 28 of my t.v. show.  It is a second Halloween episode.  I show how to make the hoop jack-o-lanterns, egg carton spiders, lollipop wrapper origami ornaments, and glue ghosts.

I've also run into a blogger problem this week.  It seems that I have run out of free photo space and they want me to start paying for more space.  I have 2 options right now, either delete older non-tutorial posts or have my husband help move the photos onto his web server space.  I'll try the 2nd option 1st.  I'm also working on my website which has a blog option.  Basically I'm getting a big ol' brain cramp.


  1. I ended up deleting the 3 months of 2008 posts so make space for more photos. My first blog posts were really rough around the edges, so it was no big loss. My husband is going to help me with my space issues this week.

  2. I hope you put a tutorial up for those...I would love to make some! I made my daughter a Caprisun costume (its made from felt not from Caprisuns though) for Halloween.

  3. April, I wrote the instructions in this blog post:
    There is also a link in that post to a video tutorial that made. It is ep. 6.1 that contains the notebook tutorial.
    These are really fun and easy to make.