Monday, October 25, 2010

Heart Quilt Block

I have neglected to make my 2nd box exchange block until the last minute.  My quilt guild meeting is tonight.  At least I finished the blocks for the paper piecing box exchange last month.  Well here is the block that I chose (and made) for my box.  I am participating in two box exchanges this year.  One is a pieced block and the other is a paper pieced block.  Tonight I will place my blocks and instructions into two boxes, then someone will number my two boxes.  At the end of the meeting I will pick up my assigned boxes (which contain other people's blocks) and someone else will take mine home.  No one knows who has whose boxes or whose box they have.  Its a mystery.  Every month we swap out the boxes (we are assigned certain boxes each month so that there is no confusion).  In May we hang up all of the blocks that were made and the original owners take home their blocks that several people made for them.  The box exchange is a fun way to make a scrappy quilt and learn new patterns every month.  Here are some of the box exchange blocks from last year.

If you haven't noticed, I'm going with a Valentine's / heart theme with both of the blocks that I chose for the two box exchanges this year and with the one that I did last year.  All of the blocks will go into the same quilt.

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