Friday, October 29, 2010

Soda Tab Bracelets

All week I have been making soda tab bracelets to sell at the Middlesex Community College's 16th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair on November 20th.  I've been trying out a new clasp, and it is working out great.  I think that I want to make a few necklaces as well, but we'll see if that happens.

Last night I arranged them according to size: small, medium, and large.  This way I know what sizes I need more of.  I also need to make one or two more of these pvc pipe displays.   Last night I finished my Halloween medical alert bracelet.  I'll post pictures later.  I'm thinking that I should make a few medical alert bracelets to sell.  Its not always easy to find fun ones.


  1. How do you make these? My daughter has one a pal gave her and loves it. I'd love to make some more!

  2. Here is a past blog post with links to several of my soda tab video tutorials:

    Happy Halloween!

  3. i am sorry this is way out dated. but i was wondering how thet sold. I am making some for a show coming up and it is now 2013. Do you think they will do good

    1. Each time I sold them I got a different reaction. My first time selling them, they were my best selling item. The next time, I sold a few. Then the last time, I didn't sell any. I think that it has something to do with me selling in the same area each time. My best sells were when people were Christmas shopping.

      I did get compliments on how mine had closures. 99% of the ones being sold have no closure, and people really like the closure.