Saturday, October 9, 2010

Crafts, Estonia, Apples, and Pumpkins... Oh My!

This morning I went to a local craft fair in town.

This cute pumpkin was up for raffle.  I thought that it was a great idea for pieces of fallen trees.

My son picked out this snowman that a local wood carver made.

I fell in love with this cross stitch bird feeder ornament.

Then I went to the EstoFest.  It was put together by the Boston Estonian Society.  They were screening the acclaimed documentary "The Singing Revolution" by James Tusty.  I had to leave early, because my 3 year old was giving me a hard time, but the movie was very interesting.  I wish that I could have finished watching it.   

They had some Estonian items on some tables.  Here is a candle holder made from half a log.

Here is a nice wooden trivet made from tree branches.
The candle is in the colors of the Estonia flag.

I love these wooden trivets / coasters.

Some knitted toys.

Traditional folk garments. 

The belt looks like it was woven on an inkle loom or by card weaving.

Some beautiful embroidery on a dress.

A wooden table setting.

Then my family and I went apple and pumpkin picking.

We took home a bag of apples that the boys picked.  

They also picked out 3 pumpkins, one very large, to take home.  It is a tradition to wait to carve them until my mom visits for Halloween.  This way she gets to join in the fun, and the pumpkins are still good for Halloween.  Until then, they are great decorations for the Fall.

They also had honey bees there.

All in all, it was a very busy day for me.
Last night I taped a new episode of my local t.v. show.  It is on crafting with plastic bottles. 
 I'll be editing it for you tube sometime this month.


  1. It was very funny to find estonia things from your blog. i were just doing research about handicraft in differents blogs....just for myself, to get some ideas and suddendly I saw our national colors.just saying...i am estonian is estonian. i would comment in estonian but i think you are not. during the plans to visit canada this summer i wondered, what estonians do on USA, or Canada. Thanks for sharing. These picture truly represent a little bit of Estonia.

    I loved the candle holder and this national candle is very common.Well, i dont know about knitted toys and table setting. Dont take this as a truth.Also verry homie is the picture with little flags. On left there is a great thing wich is called verticil( from dictionary, in estonian it is "männas") It used traditionally to stir and it is made from Pinus.
    These wooden thigs are yes kind of souvenire(Y)
    apple:yes, it one of the most used fruit(?). a lot juice and pie-s are made from apple. very important.
    well, about pumpkin. it is faaaaar from your traditions. i mean about halloween. we practicly never celebrate that. but we do use these pumpkin to make in.
    yes, and bee. we use a lot of honey. beekeepers are very common. my favouriate is a bread with plenty of honey. "honey" is not thing you buy from supermarket. it is discusting, it has to be real.

    sry, if you really dosn´t care about that. i love our national dreasure. by the way, i have hard from this movie and it is very beatiful. if you have a chance to download that, do it. ofcourse, i belive it had subtitles on something.

    greeting from estonia
    (if you also want to know something more about estonia you will contact with i am also biiig fan of recycled things. i am studying on university at the moment and my future plans are about recycling)

    wish you the best:)

  2. Hi Teele,

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog post. The director of my local access t.v. show is Estonian. He is the President of the Boston, Massachusetts Estonian Society here in the US. It was really nice to learn more about his culture (and yours). I hope to one day finish watching the film. Estonia sounds very rich in its culture and beauty.

    - Kristy