Friday, October 8, 2010

Glue Ghosts

To make glue ghosts, pour glue on wax paper in the shape of a ghost.
I added eyeball stickers to mine, but you can add beads, google eyes, etc. to yours.

I let mine dry for 2 or 3 days.  The two center ones are still not completely dry yet.

Then you carefully peel them off of the wax paper.

I punched two small holes in the top of the ghost, and put some white yarn through it to hang up.

Be on the lookout for my post on the egg carton spiders on Tuesday Tot Craft Time.
There will be a video tutorial as well.

They make great sun catchers.  Kids would have fun making them.  
The eyes on the 1st ghost were stuck onto clear plastic packaging.  Then I traced them with glitter glue. When dry, I cut them out and then put them on the glue ghost (when the glue was still wet).

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  1. what a creative idea! and something you can possible do with kids. thanks for sharing!