Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tot Craft Time: Scarecrow Paper Dolls

We went to the library's craft drop in today.  Today's craft was making paper scarecrows.  They provided the kids with 3 pieces of paper: an outline of a person, overalls, and a shirt and hat.  They also had markers, scissors, and glue sticks.

While my son colored the clothes, I cut out the person.  When he was finished with the clothing, then we switched.  He colored shoes on the person, drew a face, and added hair to it.  While he was doing that, I cut out the clothes.

Next I applied the glue to the back of the clothes and he stuck them on the person.

Voila!  Cute little scarecrows.  To make this project more "green,"  cut the people out of cardboard food boxes.  Use scrap paper, magazines, or used wrapping paper for the clothes.  You could also use scrap fabric for the clothing.

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