Monday, October 4, 2010


Recycled Halloween Craft Challenge 2nd Place Winner!

Wow!  I got 2nd place for the Halloween Craft Challenge over at henthorne handmade.  
You can click on the image to see the blog post on it. 
Thank you Ankh and all the other judges.

Also my monster bread tags made the top 10 list for Stash Busting September  over at the t-shirt diaries.  You can vote for your favorite here, on the right hand side of her blog.

I also won this flower pin from the t-shirt diaries last week.  Robin asked a question, I was one of the people who answered, and via I won.  What a week! 

It is really nice to win things, especially since money is really tight.  It also brightens up my day/week/month and inspires me to do more.   Thank you :D

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